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Nailsworth Wall

Gloucester County Council highways department were faced with a problem of a Cotswold dry stone retaining wall which was failing by rotation and delamination. The extremely high wall was retaining a highway containing many vital infrastructure services and formed the boundary wall of a private residence in close proximity to the house.

The wall is constructed of natural Cotswold Stone masonry with a Cotswold stone parapet and total length of wall is approximately 55 metres . The wall, retains a 6.5m wide carriageway and 1.25m wide footpath above the gardens of 3 Millbank. The wall is founded on top of an earth embankment for the first 44 metres in length, located some 4 metres above the driveway of 3 Millbank. The wall thickness was relatively consistent throughout its length at 540mm.

Nailsworth Wall Elevation

As the drawing above indicates, the solution arrived at and designed by Don Hughes of local en-gineers Epoc, whereby both vertical and inclined Cintec anchors were installed to act as ground anchors and additionally consolidation anchors to ensure the dry-stone wall acted as a homoge-nous structure.